Cost of Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows in Miami

Miami, the city of beaches, entertainment, and perhaps great weather is a true cultural treasure trove juxtaposed with the modern metropolis.

However, this good weather doesn’t last long. The strong winds, hurricanes, and storms make it a little scary for those who do not have their houses bad weather-proofed. While it’s true that you will be tempted to opt for less expensive, standard windows, however, it is a risky decision.

When in Miami, what you need is a heavy hurricane impact resistant window that has the capability to withstand every weather condition, good or bad. In fact, there are certain parts here these windows are mandatory to install according to the building code.

Many are under the impression that the cost of hurricane resistant windows will be a lot more than what they expect. They overlook the fact that these windows will save them from spending thousands of dollars in getting new windows installed every time the older ones get damaged in a storm, which is pretty frequent.

One of the most commonly used impact windows consists of a film of either ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) or polyvinyl butyral (PVB) jammed between two glass layers. These materials work wonderfully even when they face an impact. The thickness of these materials ranges from 0.015 to 0.090 inches. One must note that the thicker the layers are, the stronger will be the windows and the higher will be the prices.

For a thicker, lighter, stronger, and better quality option, there is SentryGlas Plus. This is the glass that is often tagged as ‘bulletproof’ or ‘bomb-proof’. This is perhaps the most expensive hurricane-resistant glass that is available.

On average, the impact windows prices in Miami range between $40 to $55 per square foot. Many believe it is an expensive investment. However, when you are getting a new house constructed, it is only a few thousand dollars extra. It will save you from spending a lot more on repairs if you don’t get these windows.

Our team of experts makes sure that you get only the quality products and services at the most convenient costs. Your safety is our priority.

How Hurricane-Resistant Windows Protect in Storms?

Miami is a destination where you simply cannot put your trust in the weather. The hurricanes are dangerous. The strong winds, catastrophic. When you have compromised doors and windows, giving space for the winds to enter, it causes a lot of damage. More than you can imagine. The pressure change as the winds enter your house can make your roofs blow off and also make your walls collapse.
Hurricane-resistant windows and doors help you in a lot more ways than just keeping the water out. That’s what makes the Miami impact windows cost a little higher than your ordinary windows.

With such windows, you can save your homes from total destruction. These windows ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. You will also save several thousands of dollars that you would have spent on getting the repairs done otherwise.

Hurricane-resistant windows help you stay prepared. Gone are the days when you had to rush home to put shutters on your doors and windows. It is always better to be prepared than to be sorry.

These windows might be a little on the expensive edge, but these are what will help you stay protected in your own home. Homes are all about comfort, a sense of security, and protection. If you fail to feel safe in your very own property, it can be troublesome. Thus, getting impact windows and doors will not only keep your pockets full but will also help you achieve that peace of mind that one should have in their own homes.

Staying safe from storms and hurricanes requires you to invest in good-quality interiors and exteriors.

Give us a call today, let our experts help you understand the right direction when it comes to hurricane-resistant windows.

Hurricane Impact Window Prices

Hurricane-impact windows are far different from your ordinary windows. And these are the windows that make living in Miami more fun and safe. Your ordinary windows will shatter the moment they are struck, sending out the glass shards everywhere. Strong winds passing through your windows and changing the pressure is not safe for your roofs and walls.

The costs that you will have to bear every time a hurricane disrupts the city are a lot more than what hurricane-impact windows and doors will cost you. If anything, getting these protective glasses will truly be a cost-effective decision for you.

The strength of these tinted windows will blow your mind. The glasses are really sturdy and held in place using a heavy-duty aluminum frame. These are then sealed with the help of silicone that helps keep the rainwater out.

When you are getting your ordinary windows replaced with sturdy, hurricane-resistant ones, there are plenty of factors that come into play. These could be the size of the window, the material that you choose, or even the total number of windows that need to be installed. It is true that ordinary windows are a lot cheaper but it pays to invest in high-quality impact windows and doors.

These windows cost less in terms of efficiency and total energy costs. The value of your entire property will increase with this one replacement. A good hurricane-resistant window can cost you anything between $40 to $55 per square foot with a life expectancy of 25 years. However, it is still often recommended that you schedule an inspection after 20 years.

This is a cost that you might have to bear very little, unlike with the traditional windows.

You can get on a call with us today. Our agents are more than happy to understand your concerns and offer solutions. You can make an informed decision once you have an idea about everything in detail.

Material Choices

If you have decided to get your windows replaced with hurricane-resistant ones, it is then time to choose the right material. What you must know is that the prices of these windows vary with the thickness and the material they are made of. So, the thicker window you choose, the more strength they will have but they will also be priced higher.

It is important that you choose the windows and doors that align best with your needs and pockets. The first choice that you will need to make is between the laminated glass and insulated laminated glass.

Perhaps the most common hurricane-resistant windows, laminated impact-resistant glass is constructed by sandwiching two layers of glass together. There is an inter-layer film that bonds them together. These are usually either ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) or polyvinyl butyral (PVB). This is also the glass layer that you can find on several windshields of the car. However, the hurricane-resistant windows are still stronger and thicker than normal windshields.

Further, laminated glass helps you save costs on energy and also increases the sense of protection of your home. This glass not only helps you keep the water out but also the noises.

As for insulated laminated glass, it is somewhat similar to the laminated glass that we discussed above. However, there one additional glass pane that is put on top of the laminated glass. The gap between the two is not filled by some film, instead of by gas which is often referred to as hermetically sealed air space. This gas-filled space helps in temperature regulation on the outside and the inside of the property.

These windows offer enhanced efficiency in regards to energy and thus, cost a lot more than the regular laminated glass.

Now, there comes a decision to make between tinted glasses or Low-E Coating.

When it comes to glass tints, you will be spoiled with choices. Tinted glasses have often proven to be a combination of being energy efficient and less expensive than the usual. These tints are designed to absorb the sun’s radiation. This means that your houses will be a lot cooler than they usually are because the heat and light transferring to your homes will be reduced.

Mostly gray and bronze tints are preferred by the locals and they work like magic. Since they are neutral colors, they make the interiors look magnificent as well. If you want more light to enter your rooms, you can always either opt for blue or green shades, but they won’t be as effective in heat transfer.

If you are not a fan of tints, you can opt for Low-E Glass Coatings. A layer of this coating is spread on the inside of the glass surface. This helps to separate the light and heat energy. While the heat energy bounces back to the source of the heat, the light enters the room, thus lighting up your room but keeping it cool at the same time. There are a variety of high-performance coatings that you can choose from.

If you cannot make a decision, contact us and let us help you choose between the above-mentioned categories. Our customer satisfaction, after all, is what we take pride in.


Before you make any decision, whether it is to stick to your ordinary windows or to invest in hurricane impact-resistant windows and doors, understand that by the end of the day, both are made of glass. There is no ‘break-proof’ glass.

What hurricane-resistant windows have is the capability to withstand the impact and if they crack they will not send out the glass shards flying everywhere, making it dangerous for the people living inside the house.

If you are still not convinced to invest in high-quality, premium hurricane-resistant windows, here are a few advantages that you should know.

  • These windows have the capability of withstanding winds that are as high as 200 mph. The windows, doors, or roofs will not blow out. It will keep everything intact.
  • There are several sizes and styles available for these types of windows.
  • They do not just keep the water out but also the noises.
  • You will not experience any flying shards of glass.
  • 99% transmission of harmful UV light will be blocked.
  • It will reduce the overall insurance cost by approximately 45 percent.
  • Unlike hurricane shutters, your view will not be blocked.
  • You will always be prepared. You won’t have to rush home every time there’s a storm.


Every pro has its cons. So do hurricane-resistant windows. Here are a few disadvantages or cons of installing hurricane-impact resistant windows and doors.

  • Replacing all your windows with hurricane-resistant windows is a huge investment. It will take a few thousand dollars to make your home hurricane and storm-resistant.
  • It’s true that laminated windows will make sure no small or large projectile enters your home, you still might experience a crack on the glass when it is struck. It will need to be replaced immediately.
  • If you choose a low-cost, low-quality hurricane-resistant glass material, the chances of them turning yellow pretty quickly are high. It is difficult to maintain these windows to some extent.
  • There are multiple layers that are combined together. This can reduce visibility slightly as compared to your regular windows.

Even after a few cons, investing in hurricane-resistant windows can turn out to be the best decision of your life when you live worry-free in your home. These windows and doors help you stay protected when the city is under a catastrophe outside your doors.

Give us a call today to witness some fine craftsmanship and quality work when it comes to your safety and protection.

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