Common questions & Things to consider before getting your windows tinted.

I do not want a dark window film, but I’m concerned that a light window tinting will not keep us cool.

Our windows are made with three layers which are two outer glass layers and an inner layer which targets heat and UV rays without blocking much light.

I have very expensive impact windows. I heard that window tinting can crack the glass. Is this true and how can we feel safe moving forward?

Window tinting can break the glass. If the wrong window film is set, too much solar energy will be reflected into the glass and crack. With the right film for the glass, there shouldn’t be any issues.

I already have window tint. It doesn’t block much heat. How can I be sure that the new film will be any better?

To know what this testing would be needed. A sample would be taken to show you the difference in the films, and we could see what the current tint is. After that, we can give a couple of recommendations for different films for your window.

I don’t want to buy any blinds. Can you tint it in a way that gives us privacy?

Window tints block the greatest source of light. During the day you wouldn’t be able to see in a home with tinted windows due to the sun. At night it’s a different story since the light from within the house will be brighter than outside, allowing people to see inside. If you want to keep your privacy, blinds are necessary at least during the night.

Will it last? I see a lot of failed window film and do not want to pay for this twice.

At some point, all things go bad, and a window film is no exception. The best thing to do is to search for different manufacturers and see what they have to offer. Find whichever one the best quality and is best for you.

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