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Will impact windows increase home value?

Upgrading to impact doors and windows not only increase the value of your property but have a lot of benefits to the homeowner as well.

  • Installing impact windows can give you a return on your investment between 75-85% if you plan to sell or refinance.
  • With the variety of impact glass we have, you’re able to find the right one for yourself that can make your house appeal to yourself or potential buyers.
  • UV rays can damage your furniture, floors, and your wall paint but with impact glass, you can keep UV rays out of your home.
  • Impact glass has improved insulation which will keep your home at the desired temperature longer and lower how much your AC (or heater) has to work.
  • Impact glass has a splinter effect (like a car windshield) and will not easily break when hit with objects. This will be useful during a hurricane and potentially stop home invaders from entering.
  • Due to the lowered risk of hurricane and burglary incidents, insurance providers may give as much as 50% off on your premiums.

As we live in South Florida, having impact glass is very beneficial when dealing with the hurricanes, constant heat, and burglaries that may happen.

Discover how you can protect your home and secure your property from hurricanes and harsh weather conditions with South Florida Doors and Windows. We offer standard size and custom impact resistant doors and windows in Miami, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Hollywood. We also deliver the finest quality hurricane-resistant doors and windows in Boca Raton, Pembroke Pines, Aventura, and Coral Gables.

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