Five benefits of having Impact Windows

Increases home value                                                           

By installing impact windows in your home, you can significantly increase the value of your home. Impact windows generally look good, which can make it appeal to potential homebuyers. If you plan on selling your house, the impact windows can give you a return on your investment from 75-85%. Along with that, due to the lower risk of hurricane burglary incidents, your insurance provider may give you as much as 50% off on your premiums. Investing in impact windows overall makes your home’s value go up and brings more money into your pocket.

Better protection

 As the name states, impact windows are made to withstand high impact from hurricanes. Recently hurricane Irma came through Florida with winds up to 185 mph. Standard windows may shatter under all the pressure, but impact windows can withstand these winds and not shatter. Along with the winds, debris is another issue during hurricanes. With waste being a common reason windows break during storms, impact windows are more resistant and last longer without shattering. Although they are beneficial during hurricanes, that’s not the only thing they’re suitable for. Impact windows also slow down and prevent burglaries. During a robbery, their top priority is to get in and out fast without attracting attention to themselves. Impact windows make it harder to do that because of the splinter effect it has (like a car windshield). As it takes longer to break through, buglers tend to quit before they’re caught.

Blocks out heat and UV rays

Our impact windows come with three layers. Two outer layers are thick laminated glass, and the inner layer is a tinted frame. The internal frame is what blocks out a lot of the heat and UV rays from coming inside of your home. This helps to keep your house cool with all the heat we have in Florida. By blocking out the UV rays, you can protect the things inside your home. UV rays can damage your walls, floor, and furniture. With fewer UV rays, they’ll last much longer than before.

Energy efficiency

By investing in impact windows, you’ll be saving in other bills without realizing it. Florida can get very hot, especially during summer. We usually have our ac running all day to counteract the heat from outside. This is where impact windows come in. Since they keep the heat out, the indoors are much cooler. This makes the ac not have to work as hard, which would bring your electric bill down with it. It also works the other way around during winter. Due to the improved insulation from the windows, if you use a heater during winter, it won’t have to run as long.

Noise reduction

With regular glass, you can hear just about everything that happens outside. This can be very annoying if you live in neighborhoods where there is a lot of noise going on. This won’t be much of a problem with have impact windows. These windows were made with thicker glass which blocks out more noise from the outside. This is especially useful during a hurricane. If you’ve gone through one, you’d know just how noisy it can be from all the wind. With the impact windows, the inside of the home will be much quieter compared to if you had standard windows.

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