Hurricane shutters vs impact windows

Before deciding whether hurricane shutters or impact windows may be a better choice, you must first know what you will get short term and long term from each. Both hurricane shutters and impact windows will protect your home in case of a hurricane. In that regard, most people would go with hurricane shutters as they cost much less compared to impact windows. This effect is only short term as installing impact windows will have a more significant impact on your home long term. Your home will be well protected with impact windows, and you’ll gain other benefits from your windows as well. They significantly reduce the heat that seeps through regular windows, which will lower your electricity bill immensely.  Also for homeowners wanting to sell their home, having impact windows increases the value of your home, giving you a nice return for your investment. While living there, your home insurance rate will also decrease as there is less risk to your home with impact windows. Although they are more expensive, impact windows will benefit you in the long run than hurricane shutters.

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