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The following are some sample pictures and pictures taken from our finished jobs.

Home owners, developers and contractors choose us because of our extensive experience and our capability to get the job done right, fast and extremely affordable. When you hire South Florida Doors and Windows, you are also hiring a State of Florida Certified General Contractor with more than 20 years of structural and architectural consecutive experience. Any window and door replacement with South Florida Doors and Windows will give you peace of mind with our smooth and helpful professional window and door installers. We can replace windows and doors in your house or condominium and make it a simple and effortless process.

One important aspect of our door replacement and window replacement services is that they can be completely finished by us. We have always in house full time drywall and stucco professionals that can finish the last details of every project with a superior look and quality. We provide a full service starting with submitting to the building department a complete permit set of plans with all required NOA's (notice of acceptance), wind calculations done by an expert engineer, including the designation of zone four and zone five category windows and doors with their corresponding pressures all clearly detailed on the plans.

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